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Trip Planning

We’re going to Berlin! I’m so excited! I’ve only been there once in 2009, and that was only for a few hours as I was just there to see a musical. For whatever reason, the husband and I haven’t found the time or opportunity to plan a proper trip, until now! We decided to visit over Easter this year (not a lot happens here for Easter, so we opt to go away). So, I’ve been hard at work planning everything I want to see and do!

I started my planning with my copy of The New York Times 36 Hours in Europe by Barbara Ireland. It has two chapters on Berlin, separated by east/west attractions. Definitely a must have if you want to see lots of things in a short amount of time (hence 36 hours … ).  Luckily, we have more time (going from Thursday to Monday), so we can spread our activities out.

I’ve also discovered a couple of cool trip planning sites.

Inspirock is a neat site for planning everything down tot he second. It also offers suggestions and ratings, prices and booking offers. I found the site itself a little user unfriendly, but I think that is only because I haven’t spent time on it yet. The features are very cool though, and it showed me some new things I hadn’t heard of before.

One of my favourite trip planning websites is Travellerspoint. It is very easy to use and has an added map function which allows you to see where yo have to go and how far it is (along with many other features).

I’m not so super meticulous that I have to stick to a map or plan to the death, but I like to have a rough plan of what I want to do and when. I’m so excited and will update on how Berlin was when we get back!


Life in Germany, Travel

Zeche Zollverein

IMG_4496The Ruhr Valley, where I live was/is known as the industrial heart of Germany. The area is famous for, and full of coal mines which are now all closed. Instead of tearing them all down, the government here preserved most of them, and have turned them into monuments and parks.

One of the most famous ones in the area is Zeche Zollverein, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Zeche Zollverein has been a running joke between the husband and I ever since I mistakingly read the name aloud in English, completly slaughtering the German pronounciation. We always said that we wanted to visit the site, and we finally did, spontaneously, yesterday evening.IMG_4524

The site is actually huge, with different buildings and exhibitions on display. Unfortunately, we arrived too late in the evening to check out any of the exhibitions or museums, but that just means we will have to go again.

I was so impressed by the massivness of the place, you can imagine how full it must have been when it was inuse. There were some beautiful spots for photos aswell, that being part of the reason we went as the husband cannot find enough things to take pictures of with his new lense. The mixture of old arcitecture and nature is also so interesting to see; many people use the site to walk dogs and as a jogging area. I’m looking forward to going again and exploring everything in more detail.


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The Great Salt & Pepper Debate

The husband and I have been having a marital spat over the above pictured salt and pepper shakers. We received them as a Christmas gift a few years ago, I didn’t think much about them, just filled them up and left the in the kitchen. I didn’t think about them until one Saturday morning when I heard the husband’s frustrated shouts from the kitchen (he is responsible for Saturday morning breakfast). Apparently he is convinced that I put the salt and pepper in the wrong shakers! In my mind, the pepper goes in the silver and the salt goes in gold. The husband believes the opposite. Just a note, they both have the same number of holes on top and there is no S or P marking which is which. I just assumed that silver is pepper and gold is salt! What do you think??

**The shakers were bought at WMF and we asked at the store and they said they are actually BOTH for salt! I don’t need 2 salt shakers, so the pepper will stay in the silver.

Life in Germany

New Bed

We got a new bed recently, a huge boxspring one! This summer we visited some acquaintances who had one, and since then, it’s all the husband has been talking about.

In all honestly, I’ve never really concerned myself with mattresses and beds, as I can sleep anywhere (my favourite place being moving vehicles). But, after doing research (and investing wisely) I’ve realised that good mattress makes a world of difference! Our new bed has two different mattress with different grades of hardness, optimal for our body weight. I sleep better than a baby now.

We bought the bed at Möbel Hardeck, a furniture store in our city. The bed is from a company called Schlaraffia, which is a mattress company, also located in our city.

Photo credit goes to the husband.