About Me


My name is Jerrica and I’m a 30-something female. I was born in Pakistan, grew up in Canada and I now reside in Germany (moved here in 2011).

I’m married to my best friend (who happens to be German, hence my being here) and we live in a really cool city in the north-west of Germany.

I work a job which I throughly enjoy and I study Business Administration online. I’ve already studied Anthropology, and I’ve always wanted to add another degree to my repertoire.

I love to travel, take photographs, be creative, cook, go shopping, watch t.v., read and spend my time pondering the crazy world around me.

Much like my life, this blog is an endless work in progress, so please bear with me. What you can look forward to reading/seeing here are my daily/weekly/monthly thoughts, ideas, experiences, what I get up to here in Germany, places I travel to, and what I dream about. I also love photography, so I will include many pictures here.