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The Great Salt & Pepper Debate

The husband and I have been having a marital spat over the above pictured salt and pepper shakers. We received them as a Christmas gift a few years ago, I didn’t think much about them, just filled them up and left the in the kitchen. I didn’t think about them until one Saturday morning when I heard the husband’s frustrated shouts from the kitchen (he is responsible for Saturday morning breakfast). Apparently he is convinced that I put the salt and pepper in the wrong shakers! In my mind, the pepper goes in the silver and the salt goes in gold. The husband believes the opposite. Just a note, they both have the same number of holes on top and there is no S or P marking which is which. I just assumed that silver is pepper and gold is salt! What do you think??

**The shakers were bought at WMF and we asked at the store and they said they are actually BOTH for salt! I don’t need 2 salt shakers, so the pepper will stay in the silver.

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